El Médano, a “beach for all” where there are now defined areas for different uses and fines for those who misuse or disregard its zones

Granadilla Ayuntamiento has drawn up dedicated areas at El Médano beach so that everyone can use it properly and safely, whether swimming, sun-bathing, or practising sports. The council has released the following videos about the permitted use and the new deliminations which divide the beach into four areas, one for bathing, another for surfing and bodyboarding, a third for windsurfing and the last for kitesurfing. The council says the measures are required since the beach is one of the most visited in south Tenerife, and the project to put the plans into action has been funded by the Cabildo. Fines for not using the beach as permitted or the areas as required will start at €300 rising to €3,000 for serious violations.

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