El Médano beach reopened as analysis shows E.Coli reduced to under permitted levels

Updated 17 September: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has lifted its bathing ban for El Médano after analysis has indicated that water is again safe for public use with E.Coli under permitted levels.

Original post 15 September: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has closed El Médano beach as a safety precaution after E.Coli of 330cfu/100ml was detected. This is higher than the permitted 200cfu (“colony forming units” – represents the number of viable bacterial cells per unit of sample volume). Bathing is prohibited until water quality returns to normal in an area between Playa Chica and the main town beach, with further analysis being undertaken tomorrow. The Council stresses that analysis is done twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays, and that the prior set of results met the recommended limits.  

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