Rumours abound about woman who arrived at El Mojón with dead turtle in her vagina

Updated 6pm: Given the speculation surrounding this incident, the facts are these. The police are not conducting a “sexual assault investigation”, and in fact have closed the case subject to any new information being provided. This is not least because no denuncia for sexual assault has been received from the woman concerned, though the case has been referred to the public prosecutor’s office which is considering the conflicting and confusing information provided to determine what, if anything, can or should be done. Meanwhile, the medics who called in the police and who appear to have released information and in some instances pictures are themselves being investigated by Candelaria Hospital management.

Original post 21 September: It sounded like a … well I don’t know what it sounded like, but it turned into a near medical emergency when a British woman went to El Mojon A&E with what turned out to be a dead turtle in her vagina. She told doctors that she had woken up with it after an evening at a fiesta, and had no idea of how it happened, though she took a week for the pain to drive her to seek medical help. Medical staff say that they were “gobsmacked” but managed to retain their professionalism and treat the infection that resulted from the … I don’t have the words! The Policía Nacional are looking into it … please no pun intended!


  1. I think this is clearly a case of a teenage mutant ninja hiding in the Minja.

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