El Puertito beach evacuated and cordoned off because of bacterial problem

Updated 8PM:  It seems that work was being carried out on some pipes and one was cracked, and that is why the beach was closed to bathers. It was purely a precautionary measure, and no other beach is affected. Technicians have been working on the case all afternoon, and analysis will be carried out tomorrow to confirm that the beach can be reopened. This doesn’t explain the apparent ongoing problem at Troya beach which has been closed for several days without apparent reason. The council says that there was an e-coli presence detected by routine analysis but that this has been cleared up and the beach will reopen soon.

Original post 26 July: The Guardia Civil has evacuated and cordoned off the beach at El Puertito in Armeñime. Details remain unconfirmed, but there is a bacterial problem, possibly even e-coli, which could produce diarrhoea and vomiting in bathers. It’s possible that further beaches in the general Adeje area will also be affected. There will undoubtedly be further information in the near future.


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    Troya 1 was a separate incident, though again related to e-coli presence detected by the routine analysis carried out every day. That beach is expected to reopen today since there has been nothing detected since Friday in the daily analyses. Unlike the El Puertito case the cause isn’t known. El Puertito water itself will be tested again today to see if the beach can be reopened.

  2. Playa Troya-1 in Las Americas closed for swimming last 5 days. What happened?

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