Elderly couple in hospital after being injured in San Eugenio street robbery

An elderly couple, thought to be tourists, are in hospital today after being mugged in San Eugenio last night. Emergency services say they were called out just before 11pm with reports of the robbery in Avda. Los Pueblos, and that the 74-year-old woman and 77-year-old man had been transferred to Hospiten Sur where their injuries are said to be moderate and their conditions not to be serious. Avda. Los Pueblos is a long road running from the Magma Centre to the CC San Eugenio and then up to the TF1: the robbery took place in what police describe as a “residential part” of the road.


  1. I have mentioned this before
    But I don’t understand why the waiters don’t do anything.
    They must see the same scruffs regularly upto no good.
    They must have an idea who they are where they hang about.

    I know it’s not Their job, I get that but if a particular row of bars Suddenly has no customers then they have no job.
    And the answer to the question is yes I would and I have.
    Several years ago we had a spate of burglaries and cars getting damaged so we got together and caught them.
    We didn’t give them a knuckle butty, we restrained them till the coppers came
    And it all stopped overnight.
    If we can’t look after our vulnerable as a collective.
    What have we become ?

  2. Author

    Just to update, I’ve spoken to the council and there is now information being sent specifically to the head of the security department passing on concerns and asking if there is any news of new police or increase in patrols. That is now in hand and as and when I get a reply I’ll make sure it’s posted as a main post.

  3. Denise , contacting the Mayor , Police at Commisario or perhaps some publicity through someone like Cliodna O’Flynn at “english time adeje” might raise the profile of the issue .
    Perhaps they would prefer some of the English Tabloids splashing it over their pages .
    People like Una Campbell & other Presidents make references to Ayuntamiento but with little success, we’ve had the Police in our complex over a dozen times , the suspects for the muggings hang about the same eateries near or around CC San Eugenio and are publicised on Social Media but the Police seem to do very little ! We have a number of guests who will not be returning due to the level of crime !

  4. I’m sorry but I don’t want to rant in public but would like awareness about the fact that in the last 3 days I have had 3 separate people come into my holiday rental agency, (in San Eugenio) to tell me that they have been mugged – one of them quite severely as he resisted so they kicked him down to the floor & continued to kick until he released his money!
    I have also just read on FB about this 70+ year old couple who are now in hospital.
    All of my guests have said the same thing – there are 2 of them, one approaches from the front with obvious intentions to rob & if you resist, the other jumps in from behind and then a car pulls up & they jump in the car & speed off. Obviously organised.
    This is very concerning & I want to be able to increase police presence in the San Eugenio area immediately – how do we do this? How can I help my guests?

    1. Author

      I’m sure it will have been seen already but I will make sure this comes to the attention of Adeje Ayuntamiento and the council’s Policía Local. But apart from that, your guests simply must report such incidents or sightings to the National Police. Only with an increased number of denuncias can they know the problem exists and determine the appropriate level of policing. There are very many misconceptions about the police here, ranging from “they don’t care” to “they don’t bother if it’s under €400” (both incorrect but widely held viewpoints), but usually people won’t denounce for reasons that I don’t understand. I’ll make sure this gets to the council’s notice, but how you can help your guests is to do your utmost to ensure the police are involved after the incident, and that the police involved are the Policía Nacional.

  5. This is from a friend who knows the elderly couple that were mugged
    ” Hi the elderly couple are our friends. She’s got broken ribs, stitches in her leg, bruised shoulder. He’s got black eye, swollen jaw, and bruised arm. Both of the have not good health. They are such a fun loving couple. Such sadness. Just hope they get them”

  6. Happened to my daughter and Grandchildren. Mugged nearby in veronicas. Police were called and would not even attend. 3 frightened and scared females and no help from police. I woder why?

  7. I don’t think there is enough police presence during the day let alone at night! I have been in Los Cristianos for over 2 weeks and have seen no more that 3 police men/ women in the whole of this time!! Obviously a haven for criminals.

  8. Area has been hit pretty bad recently , our complex has had more tha 14 actual break-ins in last few months (including me). Other complexes are also being targetted as well as pickpockets / muggings . Social media is full of photos of ” suspects” sitting at the usual hang-outs waiting for targets passing .
    If you leave your balcony door open , it is an invite to these robbers to even climb 2/3 levels high to get in .
    Local Insurers such as Liberty Seguros will not pay out on these cases as they deem you to be negligent even if you are in the apartment during the crime !
    I assume walking about with money in your pocket for pickpocket is negligent too ?
    It took 4 days for the police to visit me after robbery with no hope of tracking thief down such is the volume of crime at moment !
    The Police come out to a noise complaint in a matter of an hour or less , they can get a Grua in minutes for illegal parking .
    Maybe with elections next year we can get some pressure on Ayuntamiento to improve the service , I ain’t holding my breath !

  9. This has been a long time coming. The amount of pickpockets about it is the next step up, muggings and they can only get worse. Time to stop it.

  10. Ths area needs more police coverage as there is no coverage at all from 22.00-6.00.
    Muggings and breakins are rife. Tourists of all ages are being targeted and any open window at night seems to be an invitation to enter. When people arrive on holiday the first thing they do is open patio doors and leave them open to let cool air in. Unfortunately it also lets the local thieves in.

  11. Terrible news.
    It’s come to the stage now when we really need more police presence on the roads at night. I’ve noticed there are plenty in the day but not at night.
    I hope they recover and wish them well.

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