Elderly woman in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest in sea at El Médano beach

A 72-year-old woman is in hospital this afternoon after suffering a cardiac arrest in the sea at El Médano beach this morning. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before half past eleven with reports that lifeguards were trying to resuscitate the woman who had been pulled unconscious from the sea. Paramedics determined that she was in cardiac arrest and transferred her to Candelaria Hospital where she is said to be in critical condition.

Cardiac arrest in the sea is a known symptom of cold water shock, and since the sea in Tenerife does not get above 24º even at the height of summer, it is always at best one degree below the “safe limit”, and so technically “cold”. This is not to say that the sea here cannot be enjoyed safely, but caution needs to be taken and swimmers need to be aware of the potential risks. Please see HERE for staying safe in Tenerife’s waters.

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