Elderly woman victim of bag snatch and hit and run in Los Cristianos

Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 10pm last evening to assist a 76-year-old woman who had been injured in Avenida Amsterdam, Los Cristianos, the road that runs from the cultural centre around to the bus station and then on between the Tenerife Sur and Cristian Sur complexes to the bottom of El Mirador. The woman was the victim of a hit and run incident in which her bag was grabbed and stolen. She was stabilized at the scene and then taken to Hospiten Sur with facial and arm injuries, but her condition is thankfully said not to be serious. The National Police are investigating the incident and trying to locate the vehicle and the thieves who were in it.


  1. There’s obviously a problem within this region, as a similar thing happened to my daughter walking between sister hotels royal park albatross and golf plaza in golf de sur Aug. 17th 2016.
    A moving Car mounted the pavement, grabbed my daughter’s arm, and pulled her bag strap, which luckily tore away from her bag, the scumbag then sped away with nothing. The car just missed her and her two year old niece sitting in her pram by inches!
    She reported the highly frightening incident immediately, to the royal park albatross reception staff who apparently called the police!

  2. It is sounding very much like the ones down in Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf. The problem is they can catch them and then while waiting for a court case they just carry on doing the same until taken off the streets.

  3. More police presence is required on golf Del Sur mainly patrolling quieter areas

  4. That’s shock into hear I hope to god they are caught soon so no one else gets hurt , that poor lady could have been killed

  5. Could these be the same ones that recently attached 2 different people on golf del sur?
    These are monsters and need catching quickly before they kill someone.

  6. It’s about time they invested in some CCTV in all areas, then they might stand a chance of catching some of this scum……… they are just weaklings who pick on the elderly and infirm! I do hope this hasn’t affected this lady for life..

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