Plans for over-development of El Puertito in Adeje include illegal private beach

Cuna del Alma they’re planning to call it, the Cradle of the Soul. And if we ever wondered at Adeje Ayuntamiento’s zeal in clearing away the “squatters” from the general area last year, we now have a clue as to its motivation. A lovely and natural little bay, El Puertito near Armeñime, is to have a new five star development, and the first stone has already been laid in a ceremony attended by developers, tourism chiefs, and local politicians.

The development will include villas, luxury of course, as well as apartments and houses, all bordering the beach, and we know now that this beach, in this new “tourist village” is intended, at least in part – a 10,000m2 part, to be private. We know because environmentalists, posing as potential buyers, have received explicit confirmation of this intention, and I don’t need to tell anyone that Spain does not allow any part of its coastline to be removed from public use.

Such a plan for what is self-evidently an excessive over-development of a lovely little bay, currently capable of being enjoyed by all, is unnecessary and terrible. And also, in one clear respect, illegal, and that’s not even taking account of the fact that it’s a special marine conservation zone. Excuse the vernacular but what the hell are these people on? We don’t need 5* tourism. What we need is sustainable tourism. What we are being given is worse than anything: appropriation tourism.

Above is an image of El Puertito as it currently is before these completely and utterly unacceptable plans are put in place. It is going to be obliterated.


  1. The actual site is right next to me, showhouses near ready. Now billboards being vandalised. It’s going to destroy the area’s infrastructure the road is breaking already, more trucks, buses etc. But the politicians have probably sold it in a binding agreement and are window dressing, saying they will look into it.
    People are angry/ sad/ distressed. Took longer to come to the attention of the press than I expected .

    1. Author

      Clearly been unannounced (read: covered up) for as long as possible to allow it to get underway.

  2. It is refreshing to read an article by someone who is willing to stand up to the big-guns, also a hopeful sign for Canarian Weekly that they actually printed, two days after they printed the big hurrah. So much corruption and unaccountably.

    1. I was wondering what the ‘Law of the Costas’ enforcement people were doing about this? Have they been alerted/brought in? I thought they were national rather than local and so less susceptible to being influenced by local political pressures/interests.

  3. Scandalous. More developments, when the hospital sur continues to be unfinished!

  4. Scandalous. One should have thought we would have moved beyond the sorts of unlawful developments that once seemed so prevalent. However, surely if there has been advance warning, then at least the appropriation of a public beach can be prevented? And if the ‘private’ beach is stymied then perhaps some of the overdevelopment may be discouraged.

  5. I lived in Playa Paraíso and loved the natural area of El Puertito. It is an absolute disgrace that Adeje Ayuntamiento have not used the pandemic break to consider a sustainable, ecological project instead. If course the real question is do we really need yet another ‘super village’ or do we really need to value what we already have, and protect it?

    Enough already!

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