Emergency rescue and environmental services meet in Masca to try to reduce accident rate

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

Various emergency rescue and insular environmental services gathered in the Masca Barranco this morning to study how it might be possible to reduce the number of accidents suffered by walkers. The meeting is opportune given that two visitors have died in the past three weeks while hiking in the barranco: a German man died yesterday, and a Norwegian at the end of September. Some of the solutions being considered include restricting access to routes down the barranco, and perhaps a permit scheme. Hopefully whatever ideas they come up with will help to reduce the considerable number of accidents which walkers suffer, sometimes with fatal consequences.


  1. That is a very worrying account. Well done for trying to help.

  2. I was with his group. The actual story is quite shocking as is the sound of somebody hitting solid rock.

    He was there with a guided tour.

    I had to go down and tried to resuscitate him. The guides were juist panicking and had no emergency kit/ recovery equipment with them nor did they have any basis life support skills.
    Makes you wonder how safe you are in their hands if anything happens,

  3. After taking my family down the gorge improved signage for the best route throughout is needed. This would help prevent people going too high unnecessarily. The expected completion time also needs to be extended from 3 hours. My family includes 3 PE teachers and with a 5 minute break it took us 3 hours! We saw a couple on hands knees following the watercourse 40m High running down the gorge! Better signage a must!

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