Emergency rescue for walker seriously injured while trying to reach Teide peak


Emergency services were involved in a rescue operation yesterday afternoon after a walker was seriously injured while climbing the north face of the Teide peak. The rescue was mounted in extreme conditions, with a helicopter needing to land at some 3,300 metres altitude to collect the wounded man, who was brought to safety by three Mountain Group Guardia Civil officers, two bomberos, and members of the Red Cross and the Grupo de Emergencia y Seguridad.

The operation took place around 3.30 in the afternoon, and the 34-year-old hiker, from Almería on the mainland, was transferred immediately to HUC with multiple injuries, including a broken hip and arm, and a fractured verterbra, as well as serious facial and kidney damage. It seems that he fell while trying to walk around the Teide cone, which is covered with snow and ice, as the above video of the rescue shows.

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