Party of eight young holidaymakers finally rescued from Masca beach where they were stranded by yesterday’s storm

Updated 26 February: In the end, it was deemed too dangerous to try to rescue the group last night and so they have been brought to safety this morning. Emergency services say that a team comprising bomberos de San Miguel, volunteer firemen from Santiago del Teide and a Guardia Civil unit has managed to evacuate the eight, who are now confirmed not as “mature walkers” but as seven Germans and one Slovak, all young, and all intending a day at Masca beach only to find that the forecast storm had stymied their intention of climbing back up the barranco at the end of the day. Bomberos de Tenerife have released this short video of the rescue this morning.

Original post 25 February: Emergency services say that they were called out this evening to rescue eight German walkers at the bottom of Masca barranco. The party had become stuck on the beach, and Bomberos de Tenerife and the Guardia Civil were dispatched for the operation. Only two days ago a walker died on a coastal walk in north Tenerife and the authorities repeat their call for sensible behaviour during extreme weather conditions, and for the public not to risk their own lives nor those of service personnel who have to rescue them. They also remind the public that anyone undertaking risky activities during official alerts for bad weather could be charged for the services to rescue them (see HERE).


  1. Well, it turns out they were left on the beach until this morning. The weather was OK yesterday morning so their mistake was to spend the day on the beach before climbing up the barranco. They probably only realised the danger when they saw water rushing down the barranco. Holidaymakers are often not engaged with local events and forecasts because they are on holiday and nothing bad can happen. This lot have been fortunate that they only got a fright instead of a much more serious outcome.

  2. If they are that stupid having been given plenty of warnings they deserve to be left on the beach.

  3. Omg whi do they yhink they are?? There were enough warnings given. They should be charged.
    If they dont think muvh of themselves then they should consider the lives of others that they put at risk.

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