Emergency services stay overnight in Masca barranco with walker who needed rescuing

Emergency services say that a walker was recovered by helicopter this morning from the barranco de Masca after suffering a fall. Bomberos and the Guardia Civil mountain rescue unit GREIM found the man last evening and stayed with him overnight because conditions were not safe to fly him back last night.

As has been repeatedly reported in the press and on official sources’ social media, Buenavista del Norte Ayuntamiento has closed Masca barranco until it can be made safer, including repairs to the jetty for boats to collect walkers from the beach. The Cabildo has also announced that it is putting millions into making the popular gorge safer for the many walkers and tourists who visit it.

Meanwhile, the Canarian Government reminds people that charges of up to €6,000 can be imposed on anyone needing rescue when help is required in recreational or sporting activities that involve risk or danger. The conditions under which charges can be made are detailed HERE, and include failure to obey official warning instructions or bans. Anyone who walks in Masca when it is closed can expect to receive a fine on top of any rescue they might need.


  1. Coincidentally I was in the Lake District over the weekend and started talking to a member of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Group, in the inn I was staying in. He had been up until 2 in the morning rescuing 5 people in difficulty on Helvellyn. The rescue was very difficult in pitch black snowy conditions. There were 10 rescuers involved as they had anticipated that stretchers would be required. All these amazing rescuers are local volunteers. I mentioned to him that in Tenerife the Authorities might charge people for their rescue if it was felt that individuals had been reckless etc. His reply was that maybe if you threaten a charge, lives could be lost as people would be reluctant to call the rescue services out if they faced the possibility of a hefty charge. Great attitude that volunteer showed.

  2. There was also another rescue front the cliffs at Los Gigantes yesterday afternoon. Looked like a family of 4 including children needed assistance.

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