Endesa turns off Santa Cruz’ Christmas lighting for “lack of correct paperwork”

Endesa turns off Santa Cruz’ Christmas lighting for “lack of correct paperwork”

Endesa says that it has cut off Santa Cruz’ Christmas lighting a day after it was turned on because it doesn’t have a contract, essential for billing purposes, and because the connection was illegal since it lacked a boletín. The electricity company said it was similar to the case of La Laguna’s ice rink and that it made no distinctions between public administrations or private individuals, and was only interested in legality.

Having been on the receiving end of the electrical requirements for “legality” here myself, I find I’m snorting somewhat at that: was Santa Cruz so remiss as to fail to complete the right paperwork? Some might say the problem could have been that their failure was merely in not crossing the right palm. In the words of Francis Urquhart, “I couldn’t possibly comment”. It seems a shame, though, that Endesa couldn’t have resolved this, if it were simply a matter of “paperwork”, without taking the Scrooge route of Christmas miserliness.


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  1. So very very typical of Canarian (and Spanish) politics. As if Santa Cruz needs any more bad publicity. It would not surprise me in the least to discover that the necessary procedures were not initiated in Santa Cruz. They don´t seem to know what´s going on half the time . . . actually most of the time in my very humble opinion. As for Endesa, well you know how it is with paperwork. It is the “chi”, the “prana” the “vital breath” of the Spanish life experience. I love Christmas. I love the spirit of it while bemoaning its over-commercialization. Once more I feel sorry for the residents and visitors and businesses in Santa Cruz who must suffer a momentary break in their holiday elation due to this incredible stupidity.

    And yes, I like your suggestion about palms not being crossed. That particular act of prestidigitation seems a well-worn act here.

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