English PR arrested in south Tenerife for drug dealing in commercial centre where he worked

A 23-year-old English man identified by the initials C.J.C is under arrest after Policía Nacional drugs agents searched his home and discovered him to be in possession of ecstasy, cocaine sachets, nandrolone, marijuana, a small scales, and other equipment necessary for the mixing and distribution of drugs.

The arrest originated in a search carried out by the Policía Canaria in a commercial centre in south Tenerife, where the man worked as a PR, a position he is claimed to have used to facilitate the distribution of drugs. The drugs, together with around €500, were confiscated, and he himself is now being processed by the Autoridad Judicial.  PV


  1. how about this – someone working in a bar sold my 15 year old cousin cocaine a few weeks ago and i am fuming – how does one go about reporting this?

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