Enough is enough: Arona MUST act over animal problems in Los Cristianos

I’ve debated with myself for the last twelve hours over whether to post this or not, and whether to include the photo or not, and I’m still not sure this is the right thing to do … but on balance I’ve decided to. A poor little pet cat was killed just outside Parque Tropical III in Los Cristianos the night before last. I am not going to reproduce the photo that the owner has posted on Facebook, suffice to say that it is horrendous, and of course the overwhelming feeling from those responding to it is that the attack was carried out by the feral dog pack that I’ve posted about previously HERE.

The problem is that it is not certain that it’s that pack of dogs that was responsible: the owner says that she didn’t see it happen, and another person in the area says that just two hours before the poor cat was found the mountain above the area where he was found was swarming with hunting dogs. Looking at the photo too, which is not something one can do without horror, it is not a cat that’s been “torn apart” … sorry to be blunt, but it’s been disembowelled. There are reports of cat haters in the area as well as hunting dogs, and either would be capable of this … but the pack of feral dogs I’ve seen photos of would be more like to tear it limb from limb.

And yet, something or someone killed that pet, and there are other reports of animals being killed in that area under Guaza mountain as well. It’s difficult to know what the actual situation is with the pack of dogs because despite reports of sightings, there have been no reports of any actual substance. There were a few at the beginning of last year and the end of 2012, as I said in the item at the time, but after the last one where a woman was injured a couple of months after the council said it was appointing dog-catchers, there’s been complete official silence.

The bottom line, however, is that animals are dying and people are distressed and fearful. If that is not sufficient for the council to act, then what is? The owner of this poor cat says that she met the police as she was carrying his body home. They said that this was a matter for the politicians and that she should complain to them. Arona Policía Local, like all local police forces, is run by an Ayuntamiento. In this and many other respects, Arona’s local police despair of their own impotence, an impotence caused, they repeatedly say, by the ineptitude and lack of interest displayed by Arona’s municipal authorities.

So, the police themselves are instructing the public to complain to the council … and we don’t want to disobey the police, do we? Arona’s Facebook page is HERE, twitter HERE, email is portalweb@arona.org, phone is 922 761 600, website is HERE, offices are in Arona town itself and of course in the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos. Let’s start obeying the police, shall we?


  1. I have seen the picture and my heart goes out to the poor owners who must be so upset, then angry. And so they should be.

    Indeed something needs to be done about these dogs, in fact a lot of dogs as it goes a lot further than this.

    My son, 10 mins ago, was just nipped at the heels by a small dog, OFF THE LEAD, outside our complex whilst I was taking him to Judo. The owner seemed to think it was not a problem. This needs to change, I do not know how but it needs to be changed and quickly.

    We have a dog, he is chipped, I pick up his poo, he is looked after he is always on a lead in public areas.

    If something is not done then we are going to hear more stories like this and it can be avoided which is so annoying.

  2. Hi Janet

    Didn’t know that. So I assume all hunting dogs should be chipped to. Bet most aren’t.

  3. Author

    Animals are supposed to be chipped here too, Blanche, and there’s a register, as in the UK. We have the same system. They are also supposed to be registered with the local council. As in the UK, though, there will always be those who prefer to remain outside the system for their own reasons.

  4. If all animals were chipped – as can be arranged in UK at a vet, and there had to be a register of these chips for the police to use and the RSPCA it would be easier perhaps to prosecute owners who do not control dogs. It could be made a requirement to have a dog chipped perhaps by law.
    In UK we also have a problem with gangs organising dog fighting and using cats as bait in the training of dogs to get them to be vicious. Low-life people are everywhere in the world unfortunately. In the dog-fighting world I understand a lot of money is made betting on the winners.
    Sad world we are living in these days.

  5. Hi Janet

    I am so sorry for this pet’s owner, and the poor cat. As you say, the exact circumstances surrounding the cats death appears to be an unknown.

    But from my own experiences keeping cats (and other animals) out of harms way is not simply an issue in Arona. We live in Roque del Conde which is frequently ‘invaded’ by car loads of hunting dogs during the season – and sometimes out of season. Some of these dogs are BIG. No fun to be woken at 6 am by packs of yapping barking dogs.

    Sometimes these animals are allowed to run a mock en-mass up and down the streets, are often ‘lost’ by their owners (whilst hunting) who then disband them. They then stray the streets for days and nights. I’ve even seen one crossing the TF1 with a dead rabbit in its jaws. How I (and other drivers) missed it is beyond me. We have even had one hunting dog in our garden and have witnessed the same in the street below us. On that occasion the police were called in by the Spanish property owner to deal with the dog but it all seemed to be light hearted and nothing was done. No one seems to care.

    So we keep our two cats inside (if we can) when the hunting dogs are about.

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