Playa La Pinta reopened after sewage found not to have come from the sea …

Updated 25 September: Adeje Ayuntamiento says, in clearly euphemistic language, that Playa de La Pinta has been reopened after analysis confirmed that the deposits on the sand were left by individuals in a particular spot and did not come from the sea. We will all know what this means … and meanwhile, water quality analysis shows that it is perfectly fit for bathing. 

Updated 24 September: Playa de La Enramada has been reopened, Adeje council has announced, following the latest analysis which has guaranteed the water fit for bathing. Sadly, La Pinta beach is now closed until at least tomorrow because of sewage detected on the sand yesterday.

Original post 22 September: Adeje Ayuntamiento has said that it has closed Playa de La Enramada as a precaution after a spill was detected. At present its origin and composition are unknown and so water analysis is underway. The beach will remain closed until positive results have been obtained.

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