Entertainers get together for “charity” event in Los Gigantes this Saturday in aid of mental illness

I’ve written before about the problem of mental illness here, and how so much more needs to be done about the problems, often on the street and in public, that mental health issues cause. I’m happy, therefore, to help publicise a charity event in Los Gigantes harbour this Saturday, 11 October.

As I say HERE, the word “charity” is much used and abused here, but this event is a charity in the proper sense: En Pié is a “fundacion”, whose website is HERE with all details needed to check out its formal and legal status in Spain (it also has a Facebook page HERE). It is a “charity” which seeks to improve the integration and reduce the stigma of those suffering mental illness.

The event in Los Gigantes on 11 October is a collaborative effort between entertainers giving their time for free in a wonderful location. It’s free, and includes other activities like a thrilling-sounding clifftop jumping acrobatics paragliding display! There’ll also be a raffle. It starts at 1pm … and finishes late, details are on the following poster.

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