Environmentally friendly whale and dolphin trips – Cabildo introduces Sustainability Charter and names the 18 boat firms signed up to it

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo has introduced a “Sustainability Charter”, a pioneering project in Spain, for responsible cetacean watching. Many boats take visitors and residents out to view the more than 20 species of dolphins and whales in the waters around the island, and now it will be easy for everyone to decide which companies are most environmentally friendly and doing their utmost to care for the species they take people to see.

The new Charter for Sustainability in Cetacean Sighting was introduced on Friday by Cabildo tourism chief Alberto Bernabé, along with the names of the 18 businesses working in the field (or the ocean!) who have signed up to it. All wholly comply with the Cabildo’s assessment criteria for environmental conservation and touristic quality, and are fully committed to the creatures on which their reputation, and income, depends. The Cabildo says that such commitment is why these are the companies to use because they offer the best viewing experiences to find out about these special inhabitants of our waters.

The Cabildo’s list of these businesses is:

White Tenerife
Neptuno Sea Company
Flipper Uno
Ocean blue tenerife
Marítima Acantilados
Mar De Ons Los Cristianos Tenerife
ROYAL Delfín Tenerife
Atlantic Eco
Roulette Charters
Big Smile Luxury Charters
Picarus sailing club
Galatea Sailing
Seaquest FF
Maxicat Catamaran Tenerife
Freebird Catamaran
Sea Pasión – Charter & Fishing
Masca Express

There is more information about these businesses from the Cabildo HERE.


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