European elections – how to vote

If you are an EU national and are on both the ‘padrón’ and census of your local Ayuntamiento, you are entitled to vote this coming Sunday, 25 May, in the European Elections. Remember, however, that you can only vote once in these elections, so if you are going to be in the UK to vote on the 22nd (when the UK is holding its own EU elections), you cannot also vote here in Spain.

Spain will elect 54 deputies to the European Parliament. You should have received a polling card through the post telling you where your polling station is, but provided that you are on the padron and census, you will still able to vote even if you have not received such a card. You may, however, need to check where your polling station is by contacting your local town hall. There have been some changes to voting stations in Adeje, most notably for voters in Playa Paraíso and Costa Adeje: please see yesterday’s post HERE.

Polling stations will be open from 9am to 8pm on Sunday. You will need to have some form of photo ID with you – Spanish national identity card (DNI), UK passport, drivers licence if it has a photograph. You should carry your Certificado de Registro as well to show that you are correctly registered with the police to live legally in Spain. Whatever documents you take, take the originals. Once your turn comes you will approach the table and identify yourself to the officers. Spain votes using the D’Hondt Method of allocating seats using a list system, so the political parties have already chosen the list of candidates who will represent them. Those lists are printed off and placed in the booths with the names of the parties at the top of each list and the candidates underneath. Your vote involves choosing which “list”, so which party, you wish to vote for, rather than individual candidates.  Having chosen one of the lists, you place it in the envelope provided and then slot it into the ballot box at the electoral table.

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