Evacuated residents to return to their homes this evening

Mayor Mena says that after the technical analysis carried out on the four evacuated buildings in Los Cristianos, residents will be able to start returning to their homes from 6pm today. Calle Amalia Alayón will remain closed for the foreseeable future for site clearance and security works to continue, but from 7pm tonight, after the residents have returned home, the lower Calle Valle Menéndez will reopen to traffic.

The commercial premises in the buildings will meet with the council this evening to be informed of their situation: two locales in number 10 will remain closed. Technicians say that there are not serious structural problems, but that a more extensive investigation is required. The remains of the collapsed number 12 have now been stabilized, and a technical study is being carried out for its demolition – there is currently no set date for this, and indeed some haste would seem disrespectful. The council says that the causes of the collapse five days ago are still being investigated, and remain unknown for the present.

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