Public advised to wash food thoroughly before eating as brain parasite discovered in Tenerife

Canarian television is reporting that the Canarian Institute of Tropical Diseases has discovered in Tenerife a parasite that infects lettuce and which can affect humans.  The director of the Institute, Basilio Valladares, said on “30 minutes” that the parasite can be transmitted by eating lettuce, and that it had been found in the lungs of 40% of rats who, it seems, transfer it themselves to slugs or snails, and thence to lettuce.

Sr Valladares said that the chances of picking up the parasite is slim, and that although it’s still not known where it came from, it appears to have arrived in Tenerife along with imported foods.  Scientists are working to identify the parasite, which affects the brain, but the principal message here is to wash lettuce, indeed all food, well before eating.

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