Experts say recession is ending but local associations say more are going hungry than ever

Today came the news that Spain is “out of recession”, with a growth of 0.1% between July and September. This is “growth” in the sense that it represents a positive figure, but hardly a statistic to encourage more than a flicker of hope, particularly since this is peak season for Spain, with the most visitors in this part of the year than any other. It would be surprising if the figures did not look good, and some might say that the economy’s growth of just 0.1% during that season is disappointing in its own right.

The Canaries have done slightly better than Spain as a whole, with growth of 0.6% in the third quarter of 2013. Nonetheless, food banks say that they have never been under such pressure, and that poverty is at an all time high in the islands. A case in point is the local neighbourhood association Aveti in Tejina de Isora, which says it has distributed more than 6 tons of food so far this year to some 200 families in the Guía de Isora community who are not just struggling, but going hungry.

Aveti says that it is able to distribute supplies thanks to agreements with the Food Bank and Guía de Isora Social Services. The association adds that any families in the area who have difficulty in feeding themselves can ask for help, they just have to contact Aveti, either by phone on 922 857 898 or by email to  Local families are also welcome to visit in person: the office is on the left of the main road just past the Tejina agricultural co-op heading from Adeje towards Guía de Isora.

Aveti is the local association for Tejina, but many other areas will have the same or similar system. HERE is a link to all neighbourhood associations in Tenerife registered with the Canarian Government. Anyone who is struggling simply needs to find out their local neighbourhood association. At worst, they will be directed to help for their area; at best, they will receive help directly as is the case in Tejina. Meanwhile, economists say that the latest figures show that the Canaries will be out of recession by the end of the year. Let’s hope they’re right, and that the last quarter’s positive turn is not just a summer blip that could well have been expected.


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