Expomotor 2018 – Tenerife’s largest motor show to be held in San Isidro on 7 April

Photo: Granadilla Ayuntamiento.

Granadilla Ayuntamiento says that the forthcoming Expomotor 2018 in San Isidro will be the biggest car show of the year in Tenerife. The event will be held on 7 April, timed to coincide with the ‘Rally-Sprint Atogo 2018’ (see HERE), and apart from the huge variety of vehicles on show, will also offer prize draws and complementary activities, rally simulators, an “overturning” simulator, classic cars, as well as exhibition stalls from the likes of driving schools and motor insurers, and a motor-related play and activity area for children. It will be open to the public between 10am and 8pm in calle Cuevas Cho Portada which runs alongside the TF1.


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