False alarm for swimmer “missing” between Los Cristianos and Palm Mar

Emergency services responded with helicopter and lifeboat this afternoon when a man was reported missing as he was swimming from Los Cristianos to Palm Mar. Despite the alarm, however, all resources were withdrawn within half an hour when he thankfully arrived unhurt at the Palm Mar coast.


  1. Author

    It’ll depend on whether he’s considered to have taken adequate precautions … someone seems to have been aware of what he was doing in order for him to be reported missing, assuming it wasn’t an unrelated member of the public who made the call, so maybe other safety considerations were also in place. If so, he won’t be deemed to have been reckless, which is the only point at which there’d be a charge.

  2. don’t know the ins and outs but if he was competent and went for a swim then he shouldn’t be charged. maybe someone on the beach spotted him and called for help just thinking he was in trouble but who knows!

  3. I heard the helicopter and wondered what was going on! It’s great news that he’s ok, of course, but do you think he’ll be charged for the resources used to respond to the false alarm? I think perhaps he should be.

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