Cabildo likely to put covid monitoring measures in place again to stop crowds in the national park to see the famous Perseid meteor shower next week

The famous Perseid meteor shower will peak Thursday next week, 12 August, though meteors will be visible already from this spectacular shower, and will remain visible for some time after the peak. The Perseids can produce well over 50 very bright meteors an hour, and this year astronomers say they are expecting around 100! The Cabildo generally activates a protocol, as they did last year, to ensure safety for all the cars that traditionally drive up to the caldera to view the shower: right now of course their main concern is the gathering of crowds so it is very likely that some sort of regime will be in place again to limit numbers. Although the Perseids actually radiate from the constellation of Perseus, they are visible all over the sky, so just look up after midnight. Alternatively, you can follow online HERE overnight 12-13 August when the shower will be streamed live from the Canarian Astrophysics Institute in the observatory in Azaña in the Teide National Park. For a full list of the other meteor showers this year, see HERE.