Fañabe arterial road to be remodelled at long last

Adeje Ayuntamiento has produced a video about the renovations which will be taking place shortly on the road linking the TF1 to Fañabe coast. Mayor Fraga made the announcement on Monday, saying that a works contract had been awarded after the project being years in the planning. The road is one of the oldest in the municipality, the mayor explained, and is a fundamental artery to unite the coastal and residential areas of Adeje. The remodelled road will have pavements and a bicycle lane.

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  1. This is currently a dangerous road with long stretches and a blind bend with speed bumps intended to slow the speeding drivers. Most drivers veer to the left or right to avoid the speed bumps. The junctions at the top near the police station are also dangerous and on a bend, with many a driver not realising he/she was about to join another road. I have seen a few near misses. I do hope the improvements will improve the dangerous aspects of this road

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