Fatal accident off Los Gigantes coast

Update 6.30pm: Of the three survivors, one is in critical condition and has been flown to Candelaria hospital. The other two have been transferred by ambulance to Hospiten Sur.

Update 6pm: The yacht was called Lorreine, and belonged to 70-year-old Belgian Ben Louis Braekewelt, who had lived in Adeje for several years. First indications are that he had sailed from Puerto Colon with three others aboard and had been surprised by bad weather. The craft sank almost immediately after it was holed shortly before 2.30 this afternoon. The three survivors are in a state of shock, some unable to speak. Aemet says that it had activated a yellow alert for rough seas today.

Original post 5.30pm: Details are sketchy right now but it seems that a man has died and another three to four people are injured after a pleasure craft collided with a rock this afternoon on the Los Gigantes coast. It seems that the boat had come from Puerto Colon and was swept onto rocks further up the coast. People had to be picked up from the water as the craft disintegrated.  A couple of helicopters, various ambulances, police and medics were involved in the incident. More information as soon as possible.



  1. Hello, The man who died was a very close friend. His name is Benny Louis Braekeveldt, age 50. He was an experienced sailor.

  2. Author

    I’m sorry for your loss, Frank, it’s a real tragedy.

  3. Benny het ga je goed lieve Pepe!!!!!
    Hij was mijn Peter en ik kan iedereen vertellen dat hij ervaren genoeg was !!!!!!
    Ikzelf altijd van hem blijven houden ook al kan ik het momenteel niet geloven !!!!!!
    Beste frank en honny mijn deelneming naar jullie toe ook ik weet wat hij betekende voor jullie!!!
    Frank en honny voor jullie als je ooit eens contact wil nemen mijn nummer is ….
    Hij zal heel zeker door vele harten gemist worden!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Its a terrible loss benny was a great guy and sure he will be missed by a lot of people.

  5. Author

    Dempsey, I’ve passed this on to Frank by email rather than allowing your phone number to appear openly. Sorry again for your loss. He will clearly be widely missed.

  6. Mijn oprechte innige betuiging aan de ganse familie.
    Inderdaad de Benny was graag gezien hier op het eiland
    Zoals M schrijft “het ga je goed Benny”

    Als je moet afgeven wat je het meest liefhebt
    dan is er geen gisteren,
    geen vandaag
    en geen morgen meer,
    dan is er geen tijd meer,
    dan is er alleen heimwee.

    Stille vriend, in rouw.

  7. Frank en Honny

    Veel sterkte met het verlies van Benny jullie beste vriend,wij kende hem nog niet zo lang,maar we vonden hem nen geweldige man,we leven mee met jullie,zijn vrouw en de familie

    Eddy en Esther

  8. Je voudrais transmettre toute ma sympathie et mon courage aux personnes directement impliquées dans ce drame. Mon mari et moi étions présents au moment du drame et avons assisté au déferlement de la vague qui a projeté le bateau sur le rocher. Assister totalement impuissant au drame qui se joue devant vous si ce n’est que de pouvoir crier pour appeler les secours est déroutant mais que faire face à la force de la nature si ce n’est qu’espérer que ces personnes puissent s’en sortir. Je voudrais souligner le courage d’une dame qui malgré le terrible danger n’a pas hésité à porter secours aux naufragés, je souhaite qu’elle s’en soit sortie sans trop de souffrances. Les naufragés ont beaucoup luttés, certains pour ne pas s’en sortir. Reposez en paix monsieur Braekeveldt.

  9. Ook wij willen onze deelneming betuigen. Benny was een onvergetelijk figuur en wij zullen hem zeker missen. Wij wensen alle betrokkenen en uitkaard zijn familie veel sterkte toe

    Coby en Peter Romijn

  10. Marie Ange y Hans y Esther y Eddy,
    Muchos gracias! It is important to know that Benny was an exceptional guy with 9 lives. He used at least 10…., what a beautiful guy. Always happy, never a dull moment. He was able to squeeze at least a hundred years of happiness, fun, pleasure and a lot of emotion into his 50 years of age. We all suffer! Tomorrow at 17 PM there is a “small” memorial in Puerto Colon in the “The Noodle Bar” below at the docks. Be there! CU.

  11. Tomorrow at 17 PM there is a “small” memorial in Puerto Colon in the “The Noodle Bar” below at the docks. Benny’s wife Marianne and his sisters Maureen and Ingrid will also be there. Hope to see you all. Take care, Gonny, Sibylle, Carla, Jolanda, Juan, Jean-Claude, Marc and Frank.

  12. De retour en Belgique depuis le 16 décembre nous n’avons pu participer physiquement au mémorial en l’honneur de monsieur Braekeveldt,
    mais d’ici, sa première patrie, mon mari et moi étions en pensée et de tout coeur avec lui, sa famille et ses amis. Courage à vous.


  14. Hello,
    I am so very sorry about the loss of loved one’s to their family and also to those others involved in the accident.
    I saw the accident from the beginning, I saw the boat come around the harbour and I wondered if anyone knew how how the survivors were?

  15. Author

    I’ve not come across anything further in the press, Maria, but I imagine if anything had happened to any of the survivors it would have been reported. I would hope we could therefore take that as good news.

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