Fatal car accident near Puerto Santiago

Two 17-year-old women died and three men of 20 and 21 were injured just after 7am this morning in a car accident on the TF47 (Armeñime to Puerto Santiago) in the Punta Blanca area of Guía de Isora near Puerto Santiago. The car in which they were travelling overturned after colliding with a tree and a wall. Bomberos had to free some of the occupants who were trapped inside, while paramedics could do no more for the women than confirm their deaths at the scene. Of the injured men, none of whom is said to be seriously injured, one was taken to Hospital Costa Adeje, while the other two were transferred to Hospitén Sur.



  1. Tragic news, Do we have any more details. What was the cause of the accident ? Were they local girls or on holiday here? Were there any other cars involved ? My heart goes out to these families, I have a 13yo daughter.A mothers worst nightmare.

  2. Author

    The only detail available now is what I’ve posted, I’m afraid, from the emergency services. They don’t tend to give more than essential detail.

  3. Thank You, Janet.

  4. Author

    I can now add that it was a small mid-green car, not sure of the make but sort of VW Polo size. Suggestions, too, that one of the lads is more seriously injured than first suspected.

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