Fatal car crash in San Isidro

A 33-year-old woman died around 1.20pm this afternoon after an accident between her car and a lorry on the Granadilla to El Médano road (TF-64) near the San Isidro Co-op. Emergency services were sent to the scene but despite the paramedics’ best efforts to resuscitate her, she was declared dead at the scene.

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  1. I had just finished work when the accident occurred, i work opposite the co op. It was a sad sight to see that someone had died at the scene. I dont know what caused the accident, so i cant blame anyone for what happened, in this case. All i know is, that this particular stretch of road is very dangerous. I am usually waiting at the bus stop, by the co op, and i have see many near misses. The way people speed, and overtake, just before that bend, where it happened, im shocked at the risks drivers take. Its scary to watch.
    Anyway, not surprisingly, my bus didnt make it down the hill that day, so i was held up for two hours. Obviously, i was inconvenienced, but all i could think about, was that someone, was going be receiving some very bad news. And today i hear it was a woman that died at the scene, its so terrible. My heart goes out to her close family, and friends.
    People out there driving, PLEASE take more care on these roads.
    Patricia Gee

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