Father Keith Gordon of St. Francis Anglican Chaplaincy, Tenerife South, has passed away

The Chaplain in Tenerife South, Father Keith Gordon, sadly passed away this afternoon. Bishop David Hamid, Diocese in Europe, said he was grateful to all who were with Fr Keith at the end, and that he was surrounded at the last by his family, parishioners and brother priests who ministered to him. The bishop continued that Fr Keith “faced his cancer with bravery and always with an optimistic good humour. He fought a good fight. We shall all miss him dearly. May God open to him the gates of paradise and grant him peace.”

The Church website has been updated for people to send their condolences; details about the cremation etc, will also appear there over the next 24 hours. The website is HERE.




  1. A lovely warm man. Will be deeply missed.

    The Funeral Service is at San Eugenio, Wednesday 6th June, 10.30am.

  2. A very down to earth person always had a smile, he will be greatly missed.

  3. We meet father Keith on two occasions to renew our wedding vows for 30 years of marriage last september he made our day a very special one for our daughters/son-in-law and grandchildren he was a lovely kind man and will be sadly missed

  4. Keith and I arrived in Tenerife at about the same time. Initially I was simply his organist but soon after we struck up a firm friendship, the type of which comes only to a lucky few during their lifetime.

    In the winter months we regularly went exploring the hidden areas of ‘this wonderful island of Tenerife’. This was Keith’s description of Tenerife, so often heard at the start of his weekly talk on the local radio. Our days out regularly included ‘discussions’ about things such as who had the more sunshine (Los Gigantes or Callao Salvaje), whose turn it was to pay for the meal – or the petrol, and just about anything else we could find to ‘bicker’ about. It was always a fight to get a fair share of the tapas as he was an incredibly quick eater. The childish singing in the car was a far cry from that heard in church, both in the quality of singing and also, I am sorry to say, the words! It was a privilege to get to know Keith in a way that maybe not everyone was able to.

    Keith never turned his phone off, even on his day off. His dedication to the Chaplaincy both in time and effort was total, and his pastoral care particularly to those in need was unsurpassable. He was an extremely brave man who disguised his own sometimes severe health problems right up to the end, when he conducted himself with great dignity.

    Fr. Keith Gordon was my Chaplain, my friend, but most of all – he was my mate. Goodbye for now Keith, rest in peace.

  5. It is with great sadness we have just heard of the passing of Father Keith. We first met Keith in Caracas, Venezuela. We attended his ordination at St Mary’s and he was involved in the confirmation of our sons there He was well known for his pastoral care amongst the barrios of Caracas and his involvement in a number of chartable projects. Keith was one of life’s good guys and we were delighted when he was appointed to the chaplaincy of Tenerife Sur. Whilst on holiday there a few years ago, we attended the Easter Sunday service and then spent the day with Keith and friends. We were pleased to see how well he had settled and how well respected and liked he was. Keith was such a lovely warm man with a deep abiding faith. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Keith.
    Caroline and Duncan Stewart

  6. It is with great sadness,when we heard about Fr Keith,we were on holiday last year,when we had news that our sister,Jackie had passed away.
    Fr Keith was their for we ,with prayers,words of comfort & love.
    With his ministry we were able to have a rememberance morning for Jackie,with the help from Bea,we will never forget Fr Keiths kindness to us,we were hoping to come back for a holiday so we could meet up again,sadly we wont see Keith but we will always remember him in our prayers & he will always be in our thoughts.
    Heavenly Father,please keep Fr Keith in your love always,he is going to be greatly missed.
    Thankyou Fr Keith for getting us through a very difficult time.

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