March shows rise in employment over even February’s record figures

Update 6 April: And still it rises. Unemployment increased by 3,595 in the Canaries in March and is now at 261,534, according to details just released by the Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración. The rise represents an increase of 1.35% on February, which were the highest ever recorded at that point, and a growth of 9.73% on the same period last year.  C24H

Original Post 2 March: To add to the doom and gloom of bad weather and power cuts, the latest unemployment figures have just been released, and they are a record high.

Figures released today by the Servicio Estatal de Empleo show February 2010 with a rise from January of a further 4,009 out of work, a 1.58% rise which brings the total unemployed in the islands to 257,939. Year on year, this means 30,233 more people are out of work right now than in February last year, a 13.28% rise. C24H


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