Female tourist dies while visiting the Teide National Park

A female tourist died this lunchtime in the Teide National Park, and initial reports from emergency services suggest that she suffered a heart attack. Ambulance and helicopter crews were unable to resuscitate her and sadly she was declared dead at the scene.

Although there are no indications that this poor woman had any pre-existing conditions, once again it’s worth reiterating that Teide is a staggering 3,718m high, making it the highest point in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world. The caldera, and indeed the national park generally, has an average altitude of over 2,000m with the lower Teleférico station itself at 2,356m. Please note that atmospheric changes start at an altitude of around 2,500m: this can cause altitude sickness, but more specifically, problems for those with heart and lung conditions who can actually begin to suffer repercussions at lower altitudes. The official advice for anyone with such vulnerabilities is not to go above the level of the caldera, let alone go up in the cable car, or try to ascend the peak of Teide itself.



  1. I thought my asthma was playing up down at the low restaurant, but continued up to the base station and then the top. It was the altitude to blame. I was close to blacking out the whole time I was up at the top. i couldn’t actually see for the blackness in front of my eyes.

  2. Please listen to your bodies I had a pain in chest but ignored no history of heart problems went up to top and had heart attack luckily I have recovered this was ten years ago not everyone can be so lucky listen and heed advice from those who no best.

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