Fenautica 2019 in Las Galletas

The annual “Guanche Cup” regatta, Fenautica, will be held in the Marina del Sur in Las Galletas on 8 & 9 June. It is now an established great success, with a huge marine fair and additional events for children, food stalls, music, competing yachts, charter craft, and much more … a great weekend for any sea-lovers! Fenautica is a genuine sea fiesta which organizers intend to appeal to residents, locals, visitors, tourists, adults, children, and sports people. There is further information on the Marina del Sur website HERE, and the video below will hopefully give a taste of the event, one not to be missed!

Over the two days of the fair, some 10,000 visitors come for the main regatta with various vessels in different categories competing for the Guanche Cup, as well as for the wide range of activities for all the public, including diving, kayaks, simulated lifeboat rescues, paddle surf, jet skis, releasing turtles, and many excursions to go whale and dolphin watching. There will also be live music, food stalls, arts and crafts … and with a shuttle craft ferrying visitors from Los Cristianos harbour and back several times throughout each day, it really is a fair for everyone.

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