Fest Costa San Miguel every Saturday in August

Update 31 August: The events of this Fest have been taking place throughout August, and the final events and closing ceremony take place tonight at 8.30pm in the Centro Comercial San Blas, in the Golf del Sur.

Update 2 August: Just a reminder that Fest Costa San Miguel is every Saturday in August, starting tomorrow.

Original post 17 July:  San Miguel Ayuntamiento’s tourism department has organized the second “Fest Costa San Miguel”, an event which aims to promote the area’s cultural heritage and familiarise residents and tourists with local folklore and traditions. Entry is free, and the above poster has the detail of the events on offer, which will be held every Saturday throughout August.



  1. Hi Janet, do you know where there is more info on this, I can’t see anything about it on the sanmigueldeabona.org or costasanmiguel.com websites?


  2. Author

    no, sorry, I just have the poster from Turismo Costa San Miguel – it contains all the detail there is – and the following press release from the same source, which is pretty much what I translated for my post.
    “La Concejalía de Turismo del Ayuntamiento de San Miguel de Abona organiza la segunda edición del “Fest Costa San Miguel”, un evento que pretende acercarnos a nuestro patrimonio cultural, así­ como, a las tradiciones más arraigadas de nuestro municipio a través del folclore, deportes y juegos tradicionales. Este festival servirá para dinamizar la zona turí­stica del municipio, acercando a los turistas y visitantes a nuestro acervo cultural, durante todos los sábados del mes de Agosto. La entrada es gratuita.”

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