Fibre-optic connections at last in South Tenerife

Telefónica has presented its plans for the laying of fibre optic cable in the tourist areas of South Tenerife. The announcement, which should see the arrival of the most advanced connectivity technology fibre optic cable arriving at over 51,000 homes and business in Adeje and Arona, bringing high definition television, online games with no delays, file sharing, streaming, videoconferencing, speedy internet navigation, was made at a press conference held today in Adeje’s FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) centre,

Individuals or businesses who want to find out more details, including whether and when they will be able to benefit from the new technology in homes or businesses can do so in Movistar centres, by calling 1004 or online at The official launch today was attended by Turismo minister Ricardo Fernández de la Puente, mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Ashotel’s director of innovation Enrique Padrón, and director of Telefónica in the Canarias Juan Flores.

Mayor Fraga said, “The installation of fibre optic cables into a tourist zone such as Adeje is important news and will have positive repercussions for our primary industry”. He added that the introduction of fibre optic cable would also contribute to the growth of business and better connectivity between individuals, and the council were happy to support this kind of initiative “which really would benefit residents in South Tenerife”. The council, and that of Arona, have pledged collaboration and the granting of any licences or permission needed for installation to ensure there were no delays.

Telefónica España has trained 300 professionals in the latest technological developments for the purposes of this project who will be dedicated exclusively to the development of the network in the Canaries. As part of their commitment to the improvement of the economic activity of the islands Telefónica has promised an investment of 8 million euros to make this part of Tenerife a technological reference point. Further indirect benefits will be in manufacturing of cables and transport of materials. The company has also promised improved client relations in their centres and sales points in both boroughs to guarantee the best assessment regarding the new services and to ensure better client satisfaction during and after the installation.



  1. Thank you for all your responses. I’ll check out all your companies in the replies. In La Jaquita complex there are many, many apartments, is it likely that there will be a broadband service/connection that can be supplied by the complex and you just ask to opt into it and pay. At this time I don’t know how to get in touch with our community “leader” to be able to ask the question.

    1. Author

      The details of your community administrator and president should be on the complex notice board. As to whether there’ll be a community broadband, it’s impossible to say if it’s “likely” … it’s something the community might have installed but only the administrator/president will be able to confirm for sure.

  2. I’ve used Mariposa for 2 years now and never had any problems. No telephone line needed and for me in a rural area much faster speeds than Movistar. They’re in Las Chafiras and this is their facebook page

  3. So long as you can receive a wireless signal from their transmitter local to you, Skywire is the answer from Direct Telecom in Adeje. About €40.00 per month, no telephone line necessary.

  4. We have a system installed in our community by a well known TV company whereby they use the TV Co-Ax cable to supply internet signal . The Fibre Optic is supplied by Movistar to their equipment which is then distributed via TV cable to individual appartments who wish to have it by purchasing a special router costing €250 including installation . The cost of the internet is paid by community and makes it a lot cheaper and speed is around 40 Mbs which is more than enough for streaming films etc . It has been running for over a year now and has been very reliable . Fibre Optic is also available from Movistar directly at around €70 per month.

  5. If I were making a recommendation I would also recommend Movistar because I agree with you that if you have a problem there can be service issues. I was just saying that there are alternative suppliers.

  6. Not so Janet. You can use anyone, for example Vodaphone. The supplier will get Telefonica to install the fibre to your home then they will be responsible for activating the service. All the suppliers are pushing Fibre Optic solutions where fibre is available. My friend got her service installed and running through a third party supplier in less than a week. If there is no fibre available then broadband over copper cable , as you say, ADSL, is still used.

    1. Author

      I don’t actually agree Stewart. Movistar retains absolute control over the infrastructure, and any “suppliers” are still dependent on Movistar for repairs and problems … but the main problem then is that the customer is not directly a Movistar customer so doesn’t get the best treatment. So although it’s possible to use other suppliers, I’ve always advised people to go with Movistar, as I’ve done myself after a disastrous attempt to use a different supplier.

  7. Hi, I’ve just bought an apartment in La Jaquita in El Medano. I want just broadband for TV and internet use. Could you recommend who a supplier for this area please. Thank you.

    1. Author

      If you want broadband (ADSL as it is here) then I would think you are almost certainly going to have to use Movistar to install the line.

  8. Hi Janet
    Thank you for your very helpful blog. I hope it’s ok to ask a very specific question.
    Do you have up to date information about internet supply to Aguaviva 1 (the old part not the high rise.). We plan to install it in November and hoped to begin researching the process in October. What would you recommend. We have friends in Aguaviva 3 who are happy with Movistar but they have different phone and tv systems.
    Best wishes

    1. Author

      no, I’m sorry, I don’t have info about any internet in Callao Salvaje, but my opinion on which supplier is clear – Movistar owns the infrastructure regardless of the freedom to choose supplier, and so it is the one they all have to go back to when/if there are problems. Many including I myself have found that Movistar is less than sympathetic to those clients who aren’t their own customers if there are issues with service or supply.

  9. There is a huge amount of work going on from Adeje to Los Gigantes installing fibre optic cables. In Playa San Juan cables have been installed in most streets and many buildings are connected to fibre via a new distribution box. The engineers say that the service should go live in mid January 2018. Obviously it will not be delivered free of charge for most people. I have a contract with Movistar called Fusion Contigo which includes fibre optic connection up to 30 Mbps. I have “only” been getting 16Mbps over copper cable. I am hoping they will connect me to the fibre network FOC.

  10. Chris Ross at You can find their details on facebook. I too live in a rural area and watch TV on line and have been with Mariposa for 6 months now. I get 10MB speed (only 2.5 with Movistar) and unlimited download

  11. I’ve been trying to get a landline fitted for years everything the tech comes they say impossible.
    For past year been with Orange.Not happy as I watch TV thru WiFi & kodi box. but it doesn’t last a month. I’m restricted so now only watch my favourite English channels then switch off or change over to Spanish so I can make the allowance I get to last the month. I don’t down load & not on net often. Can anyone recommend a better supplier as My Contract is finishing this month so can get out of it. Without fine.
    Solved problem changed to another company. Unlimited & only 28e a month?

  12. Great news I am a fibre optic engineer living in the U.K. & I have tried many times to seek jobs in this field but have not had much luck, I am also vastly experienced in wifi installation, at this time I am currently involved in updating Lidls systems to Cat7 specifications
    My question is how do I seek employment here in Tenerife to assist with the fibre optic installs,?
    If anyone can help please post links or businesses I need to contact
    Thanks in advance for your replies

    1. Author

      In the first instance, I would approach the Tenerife Cabildo (HERE) to see which companies they have contracted to do the work, and to get contact details for them. At that point you can contact the companies direct to see if they have any positions. As I say HERE, it is the Cabildo which is controlling the works, and it’s likely either that Movistar will have contracted out the work or the Cabildo will have made direct contracts with independent firms.

  13. If your anywhere near Las americas, try
    they send unlimited internet to a dish on your place then a cable into a router inside your place. I get 29Mbs as i say unlimited, for 25 euros a month.
    I use orange “mi fijo”, appears like a landline (you can have a 922 number) but really its mobile, cheaper than a movistar landline.

    for T.V. channels my friends recommend

  14. I’ve been trying to get a landline fitted for years everything the tech comes they say impossible.
    For past year been with Orange.Not happy as I watch TV thru WiFi & kodi box. but it doesn’t last a month. I’m restricted so now only watch my favourite English channels then switch off or change over to Spanish so I can make the allowance I get to last the month. I don’t down load & not on net often. Can anyone recommend a better supplier as My Contract is finishing this month so can get out of it. Without fine.

  15. Ive got Mariposa and find it good a great solution if you don’t have a phone line.

  16. I am trying to get a decent Internet connection with with Movistaror or Vodafone. Both companies tell me that there is no ASDL to our house, even thhough it is a heavy populated tourist attraction and some people do have telefone!

    The sales people at both companies are clueless!

    1. Author

      Sometimes an area is at capacity for lines, so although many might have a phone, there might be no more availability. The more populated the area is, in fact, the likelier this is to happen, not be less likely. A case in point is, or at least was, Callao Salvaje, where next door neighbours would find one with full line and internet, and next door getting the telephonic equivalent of the shoulder shrug. If Movistar are saying it’s not possible, you are left trying to get mobile cover. I’ve heard good things from some people about Mariposa Net … presumably the lack of universal praise is related to uneven coverage, but it is something worth checking out. Speak to Chris Ross HERE to see if he can help you, or if he has alternative suggestions if he can’t.

  17. Hello
    Does anyone have the internet(optic fiber) working so far?

  18. I saw them laying the cables underground there a couple of weeks ago, blimey things are moving ! Hopefully they will move down the road and sort our complex out soon – it was scheduled for around June this year.

  19. Movistar are in my complex as i type this installing fibre-optic cable.

    1. Author

      Marvellous! Which general area, Angela (if you’re happy to say without being too specific)?

  20. Take exception to the rubbish comment, but agree that Virgin can offer this in “Virgin cabled areas”. most of the population can not access the service.

    This is what “Broadband choices say”
    FTTH (fibre to the home) – fibre-optic cables run all the way to the outside of your house. This is the quickest service, but is not widely available.

    Open Reach (BT) also now offer a similar service, (Superfast) but compared with FTTC it is three time the price.

  21. Derek, what rubbish you talk. Virgin media formally Blueyonder have been offering fiber optic connections direct to the home user for over a decade for about £16/month. Miffed we can’t get the same service in Tenerife

  22. Not quite correct Nigel. Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is the normal method in the UK. The Copper wires from the cabinet then use VDSL rather than ADSL to move data to your premises. 30mb seems to be the offer in Tenerife. But speed falls away rapidly if more than 1000mts from the cabinet. Fibre to the home (FTTH) is on offer in UK but prices are very very high.

  23. Had a look at the Movistar web link provided in the article. Having completed the questionnaire this is what I get:

    Lo sentimos, tu edificio no figura en los actuales planes de despliegue de Movistar, pero trabajamos día a día para llevar la Fibra Óptica a todos los hogares. Si nos dejas tus datos, te informaremos de posibles avances.

    Basically it says: Sorry, your building is not on the current deployment plans Movistar, but we work every day to bring fiber optics to every home. If you give us your details, we will inform you of any developments.

    No change there then 🙁 …… for me its all hot air – again.

  24. Try Europa ….keep you line rental with Telefonica and Europa offer 3meg unlimited broadband and 2 hours free calls to any European country and all English speaking support for under 30 euros a month on a 12 month contract.We have used them for 16 months with no problems.Remember that broadband speed is only as fast as the last bit of cable to you property which is nearly always copper wire in Tenerife so fibre optic to the box outside in the road does not guarantee a better speed.

  25. This is all good. However for the life of me I cannot understand why if you buy the adsl and mobile package with Moviestar you cannot MAKE or RECEIVE international calls for 2 months on either landline or mobile. We had in Callao a speed of about 3mb with Moviestar which was great but because of this clause changed to Vodaphone and now it is 0.8 !!!. We had been with Moviestar for some 8 years as well. Who would buy a package that was unable to make or receive international calls on the landline or mobile for 2 months. It is just madness. They need to change this.

  26. As far as I can see from the information Movistar provides , I wouldn´t hold my breath for ordinary customers in complexes – there appears to be no plans in San Eugenio Area for development in near future – I´ve had 100mbs Fibre Optic for 3 yrs now in my UK home- can´t see me getting it here for at least 3 yrs !!


    Zona sin planificación de despliegue de fibra

  27. Fibre optic !!! I would be over the moon just to get a standard cable land line !

    Makes me sick when I read about supporting the tourist when nothing is done for the tax paying resident.

    What is this? A third world country? Every home should have cable telephone.

    Shame on you Telefónica.

  28. This is great news and a massive step in the right direction! Tenerife is truly becoming modernised and is starting to offer the high quality amenities needed to attract the increasingly discerning holiday makers and investors.

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