Fifteen Arona officials imputed for trying to keep former mayor in office against Court ruling

It never rains but it pours, and in Arona, it is currently pouring. In addition to the annulment of the municipality’s PGO and the shame of the various elements of the Caso Arona finally coming to court (link, another link, and again here), now Arona Court 3 has imputed (named as formal suspects) the current mayor and 13 councillors over the ruling in 2012 that barred ex-mayor Reverón from holding office. Then mayor Reverón had been found guilty of misconduct in official office, specifically with respect to traffic of influence in contracting staff, but the court’s judgment was ignored with the mayor continuing in office until his appeal was heard. He was finally hounded from office after the appeal confirmed the original ruling.

In all, Arona Court 3 has now imputed 15 local politicians, 14 of them councillors of the present administration, including current mayor Francisco José Niño and environment councillor in charge of the municipality’s beaches and lifeguards, Antonio Sosa Carballo. The fifteenth is former mayor José Alberto González Reverón himself. They have been denounced by the Fiscalía Anticorrupción for attempting to keep ex-Mayor Reverón at the head of the council in violation of the Santa Cruz Court 1’s ruling of 28 June 2012 that barred him from holding public office for four and a half years.


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  1. So now it becomes clearer why our roads are in such a poor condition, and that Adeje roads are so much better, if these clowns put our taxes and rates money into the system and not their pockets we MAY, see an improvement, although I will not be holding my breath!!

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