Coastguard shows helicopter rescue from boat capsized by Armas ferry headed to Tenerife from Gran Canaria

Updated 9 November: After the confusion of early reports, it is now confirmed that the Armas ferry Alborán collided with the Trames Uno, a 25m auxiliary tug used as a pilot craft and diving vessel. The Coastguard has released this video of the rescue of the three crew by the Helimer 202 helicopter, with two other individuals (details unconfirmed) receiving quayside treatment for shock. The collision occurred 6 miles north of Gran Canaria, and the Trames Uno is currently being towed back to port by the Coastguard’s pollution control vessel, the Miguel de Cervantes.

Updated 8pm: The Coastguard has confirmed that the craft with which the ferry collided was not a leisure craft but a professional marine craft carrying two containers of diving equipment. The three of its crew were rescued by helicopter, while two others were treated in the harbour for shock. Further information is still being confirmed.

Original post 8 November: A crash between the fast Armas Alborán ferry covering the Tenerife-Gran Canaria route and a leisure boat has resulted in several people ending up in the sea and needing to be rescued this afternoon. The ferry returned to Puerto de la Luz in Gran Canaria after bumping into the other craft, an impact which capsized the leisure boat, leaving all its occupants in the water. Emergency services say they scrambled a helicopter and two lifeboats, and that all of the leisure craft’s occupants are safe, three being rescued by helicopter and others treated for shock at the harbour.

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