Fifth man now missing in Tenerife

There are already four men missing for some considerable time in Tenerife (see HERE), and now there’s a fifth.

National police are searching for 37-year-old Marcos Castellano Doble, who has been missing now for five days. His disappearance was reported by his sister in the La Victoria area of central Santa Cruz (as opposed to the north Tenerife municipality of La Victoria). The last time Marcos was seen by his friends and family was last Monday night, when he told his mother around 10pm that he was going out to dinner and would be back in a couple of hours.

When he left home, Marcos was wearing black trousers, a white shirt with a blue design on the back, and brown moccasins. He was carrying a bag and a white sports jacket. He is said to have been suffering health problems, and his family and police ask that if anyone can help, they should call 091 or 600 303 860.


  1. This is tragic for the families concerned. It makes one wonder whether there are common denominators such as problems with personal and general well-being. Could it be depression caused by lack of work leading to family pressures, ill-health as mentioned for this poor man or even the extreme heat?
    Whatever, I do hope they are all found safe and that no disturbing criminal aspects are at foot here.

  2. We were just returning from Santa Cruz to Los Christianos..on the 111 bus.
    Ayoung man got on looking very thin and under nourished.he had been talking to people at the bus stop.i think he.may have been asking people fir money.the driver asked him to get of the bus after some while into the journey.he appeared to look completely disorientated.
    He wandered off..he had grey clothing on and long coloured rags tied to his hair he had a pair of canvas shoes on that were way too small

    I can’t help wondering if his family are frantically searching for him

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