Financial assistance available for those whose homes were damaged in the recent bad weather

The Canarian government has announced financial recompense for those whose main family home was affected by the recent severe floods and winds, and whose family income is less than €33,500. The announcement has been published in the BOC HERE and allows for varying  amounts to be paid depending on circumstances: up to a maximum of €12,000 is available where a property has been totally destroyed; up to €9,000 where structural damage has been suffered; and up to €5,000 for other damage which is not structural.

The assistance is said to be complementary to and compatible with any assistance provided by any other government department – in other words compensation may not be doubled up. The aid is also subsidiary to insurance cover, though if an insurance policy does not cover all the costs of damage, the Canarian government will make up the difference if deemed appropriate.

Those who feel they might be entitled to one of the grants have ten calendar days – counting from the Tuesday 24 December – to submit an application in the Ayuntamiento of their municipality. Forms must be completed in accordance with the details given in the BOC. The local authority will carry out economic and technical reports, and any grants awarded will be paid within six months.

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