Find out about Noah’s Ark, the south Tenerife charity that helps the homeless and those in crisis situations

**After the two enquiries below, I clearly need to say explicitly that the charity is a different thing to this news website. There is no connection, between them and In Tenerife and I cannot answer enquiries intended for them so anyone who wants to speak to them needs to contact them directly. There is a link to their Facebook page in the post, the last word of the post is actually the link.**

El Arca de Noé – Noah’s Ark – is a charity (legal Spanish asociación) which was founded in 2014 in south Tenerife which works to help the homeless and vulnerable, and those who are struggling with various issues affecting their everyday lives.  The association says it believes that even those whom some see as unlovable are of great worth, and that everyone deserves some help when suffering addictions and/or are homeless or in a crisis situation. Now, there is a chance to get to know more about Noah’s Ark, and the work it does amongst those who are worst off in south Tenerife. Anyone interested needs to head to the South Tenerife Christian Fellowship church in the Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos this Friday, 23 March, at 6pm. The association also has a Facebook page HERE.


  1. Hello
    I couldnt have find your place yesterday.There is San Miguel?But there is the shops only.Could you write me how to contact your organization in person,please?

    Kind regards

    Boguslaw Mycyk

  2. Author

    You will need to contact the organization directly, perhaps through the Facebook link in the post above. It is not connected with “In Tenerife”.

  3. Do you provide a place to stay , a bed, breakfast, shower, a homeless man in the airport speaks 3 languages and needs a job for a fresh start.
    Can you help.

    Kind regards,

  4. Author

    No I don’t … because I am not the association! Please contact them direct. There’s a link to their Facebook page in the post – the last word of the post is a link.

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