First fine issued for bar not having Spanish-speaking staff

According to a Canarian law passed last year, all bars and restaurants must have at least one Spanish-speaking member of staff available at any one time, and now the first fine has been imposed for non-compliance. In this case, the establishment in question is in Gran Canaria …a bar in Maspalomas has been fined €600 because no-one on duty could speak Spanish. Fines are classed in the “minor” category, and can run up to a maximum of €1,500.

The bar was inspected after a complaint was made in the complaints’ book, and during the investigation it was found that no-one there spoke Spanish. So this doesn’t appear to be something they’re actively going after, unlike the illegal rentals situation. None the less, to be on the safe side, bars and similar premises will be well advised to have at least one Spanish-speaking member of staff on duty at all times.

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