First rains of winter forecast for this weekend

Update 21 October: Forecasters say that as the storm moves away, it will be turning to bring winds in fron the south east, and this in turn will bring hot air from the Sahara. We are going to have a mini heatwave tomorrow, they say, with temperatures in the high 20ºs or even around the 30º mark, higher in the medianías where they could reach 34ºC. As with the rain, the north east Anaga area is expected to be worst affected. Winds are forecast to be around 50km/h. As always with calimas, anyone with respiratory conditions should take extra care. 

Update 10pm: The education department has confirmed that CEIP Almácigo, La Cumbrita y Teobaldo Power, all three in the Guía de Isora area, and CEIP Alfonso X in Güímar will be closed because of storm damage, but apart from these, all others are open as normal.

Copyright: Stewart Kirby
Copyright: Stewart Kirby

Update 3.15pm: Apparently there are many rumours about schools being closed tomorrow. The Canarian government’s education department has said within the last couple of hours that they are assessing the situation this afternoon as to damage and access. Any closure will be announced officially, but at present, schools will open tomorrow.

Update 3pm: Here is the current state of Playa San Juan, complete with car which was washed over the edge of a car park, into the barranco, and down onto the beach. The worst is now over, however, and apart from a few showers now, looks to be clearing up over the next 24 hours

Update 1.45pm: The storm has claimed a fatality. A 56-year-old woman has died in Avda Venezuela in the La Salud area of Santa Cruz after being swept away by flood waters. She appears to have been swept under a vehicle where she was trapped, and subsequently suffered a heart attack.

Photo: Canarias Emergencias
Photo: Canarias Emergencias
Photo: Canarias Emergencias
Photo: Canarias Emergencias

Update 1pm: And again poor Playa San Juan’s beach gets it. What does it take? Meanwhile, parts of La Laguna have been without electricity for some hours, and Santa Cruz is pretty much under water: Avda 3 Mayo is closed to traffic after being inundated near the petrol station, and videos abound on social media of cars being swept away as the roads on which they were parked turn into rivers.

Graphic: Aemet
Graphic: Aemet

Update 19 October: It was ten minutes late! Serious rains started at 6.10 this morning, and Aemet has raised the alert for all the western islands today to orange. Drivers are advised to avoid access roads to Teide because of ice, and to take care in what is exceptionally foggy weather in some parts. Police say drivers should use their headlights in all circumstances.

The heavy rain is expected to last until around 9pm, being particularly heavy between midday and 2pm, and continuing more lightly tomorrow, when a yellow alert remains in place. So far there are no real incidents other than a boat which was set on fire in Santa Cruz harbour after being struck by lightning. Two people are said to have suffered light injuries in the incident.

Apart from that, there is little more at present than reports of some floodings and trees down, and a few cases where traffic lights have been struck by lightning and stopped functioning: again, police call for caution when out and about.

Update 17 October: The rain is somewhat more certain today with Aemet raising a yellow alert for up to 15mm per hour between 6am and 6pm on Sunday in Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera.

Update 16 October: As part of the weather system, it seems, there are already rough seas coming our way, so much so that Los Realejos Ayto has announced that Playa Socorro has been closed. The same weather system is already giving rise to Aemet alerts on the mainland: in Galicia the highest alert, red, has been issued for very heavy rains this afternoon. As far as next Sunday’s forecast for the Canaries is concerned, there is no new update other than moderate to heavy, possibly very heavy, rains are likely, particularly in the western islands.

Original post 15 October: The first rains of winter 2014-15 could be with us this weekend, if meteorologists are right in thinking that an Atlantic system will bring a storm our way on Sunday. Although no doubt there will be updated forecasts over the next few days. stormy weather with heavy to very heavy rain will affect the Canaries, particularly the western islands, on Sunday.


  1. The answer is simple, Mother Nature put the barranco there, woe betide anyone who tries to defy her by building car parks or beaches across it.

  2. This happens every time there is heavy rain. It will take a week or so to clear up the debris and get the bulldozers in to level the end of the beach. The ocean will be unsafe for swimming for a few days given the number of manholes that were forced off but the effort the ayuntemiento put in last year to concrete big boulders into the start of the beach means that the damage is superficial. It is a shame it’s happened at half term but the beaches and pools at Alcala will not have been damaged and they are only five minutes away on the bus or in a taxi.

  3. Playa San Juan beaches covered in debris this morning. There is a river running into the harbour across the big beach. It has been badly undercut by the torrent.
    The clean up will take some effort to make it useable again. There is currently no access to the front via the walkway by the Marlin Restaurant.

  4. There was a car left in the beach car park in Playa San Juan. It’s now on the beach.

  5. We are in Puerto de la cruz for a four day break. The sky’s very clear although over the last two days the waves are coming into shore up to two meters high which is strange because the wind speed is well down. Looks like bad weather is on its way.

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