Seven people rescued from the sea as leisure craft sinks off Arona coast

Photos: Salvamento Marítimo.

Emergency services say that two helicopters and a lifeboat were involved this afternoon in a rescue off the Arona coast when a boat carrying divers overturned and started to sink. Five of those on board were picked up by emergency services (photo opposite) and another two were taken to dry land by lifeguard jet ski. An eighth is said to have swum to shore. All are reported to be uninjured.


  1. Heidi… being judgmental in my opinion is worse than taking a photograph of a sea rescue, people are interested in the bravery and skill of these wonderful men and woman who save many many lives… in future, maybe think about your words before they become actions…. no one on this thread has been disrespectful in my ever so humble opinion…. well done to the rescuers… all heros ??????

  2. Excite…..”to arouse or stir up the emotions or feelings of”.

    Exciting doesn’t necessarily mean entertaining as is being construed.

    Nothing wrong with your wording Sandie.

  3. Heidi,
    You was also there for private reasons.
    And watching as well.
    And even reporting here about this rescue operation but without helping anybody on that day.
    So what ?

  4. Wolfgang,
    me han malentendido. I am not refering to professionals, but to those who “enjoy” “exciting” situations where people are actually in (high) danger -and need to document them for private reasons.

  5. Heidi,
    as you can see here also staff from Salvamento Marítimo was taking pictures and possibly making videos.
    This simply happens for reasons of documentation, also for authority purpose.
    The same is true for journalists and reporters who simply make their job and for witnesses of the rescue operation.
    Should all those people also start to think about themselves ?

  6. “..and was exciting to watch..”????

    To me, this sounds very ugly although something was put behind. I was there, too, very nervous and afraid and tense because it’s possible that people actually DIE out there. Nothing that excites me, and I think those people taking pictures and making videos should start to think about themselves.

  7. Once again, we saw events from our balcony and was very well coordinated. Fantastic no one lost or injured. Watched jet ski rescue, pure skill and guts in those seas yesterday, and to think it was only a couple of years ago the local council wouldn’t pay the lifeguards!

  8. Watched the rescue yesterday, very professional and was exciting to watch although was so worried someone might of been lost. So happy to read that everyone is fit and well this morning. Thank you Janet.

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