Sanidad says only Canarian Coronavirus victim now tests negative and is likely to be discharged from hospital in next few days after final confirmatory tests

Updated 13 February: The Canarian Health Department has confirmed today that the Coronavirus patient in La Gomera’s hospital has now tested negative. It therefore appears that he has recovered fully, and continues to show no symptoms. The tests will be repeated within 24 hours to be confirmed, and if they again show negative, he will be released from hospital.

In the announcement, Sanidad says that the man’s four fellow travellers who remain under house quarantine in Hermigua have now tested negative twice. Their follow-up period ends tomorrow while that of the fifth German who has remained asymptomatic ends today. These actions, Sanidad says, comply with the Health Department’s protocol.

Sanidad also confirms that since the freephone Coronavirus information line (900 112 061) was set up on 2 February, 101 calls have been received. The line remains open for anyone with doubts.

Updated 1 February: Canarian President Ángel Victor Torres has spoken to press this lunchtime and confirmed that only one of the five in quarantine in hospital in La Gomera has tested positive for Coronavirus. President Torres said that the affected individual’s symptoms were light and already showed signs of improvement, and indeed none are of an age where severe complications are to be expected. The four who have tested negative will nonetheless remain in quarantine and will undergo further tests because the incubation period is unclear while a sixth person who was in contact with them has been able to remain under home quarantine at the property in Hermigua where all six German nationals were staying.

For the moment, the public health and security protocols activated will remain in place, and the four who remain in isolation will undergo monitoring and further tests before they are considered safe to be released from hospital. Meanwhile the Health Department is continuing to trace the steps of the six to establish possible contact concerns, and is also compiling information from the passengers on the flight which the six arrived on from Germany. The Government stresses, however, that this was a lightly affected and isolated case with very ittle risk of wider contamination.

The Government has also designated a helpline, staffed by medical personnel, for those who have concerns or need information: just call 900 112 061.

Original post 30 January: Canarian President Ángel Victor Torres has said that Sanidad is studying five people in these islands, two of whom had contact in Germany with a confirmed case of Coronavirus, and three who lived with the pair. At present, the protocol for dealing with such cases has been activated, and the five individuals were transferred yesterday afternoon to a specially-equipped hospital in La Gomera where they remain quarantined in isolation awaiting test results.

Meanwhile the British and Spanish authorities have confirmed a joint operation to return British and Spanish nationals as well as other EU citizens who remain stuck in Wuhan. The Chinese authorities have agreed that their evacuation flight will leave tomorrow morning at 5am, local time.

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