Investigations start into building where disco floor collapsed leaving nine still in hospital

Photo: Bomberos de Tenerife.

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

Updated 28 November: Adeje Ayuntamiento says that the council’s main initial priorities are checking up on the injured and opening an expert investigation. The council confirmed that Juan Diego Mayordomo, an expert in building problems, has called together a municipal team to study the buildings involved in las Sunday morning’s floor collapse in the Butterfly nightclub in the Playa Beach commercial centre.

The council has also been in close contact with the consuls and embassies of the foreign nationals affected by the incident, nine of whom remain in hospital recovering from different injuries, mostly fractures. Three of these are in the Candelaria Hospital, one in the University Hospital, three in Hospiten Sur, and two in the Clínica Quirón in San Eugenio. None are considered to be in critical condition. Help has been offered to all those affected, with Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga stressing that the most important thing for him “is the health of the injured and the safety of the building and those alongside”.

Mayor Fraga has remained in contact with the councillors responsible for the areas affected since Sunday. He visited the site yesterday to assess the structural damage with building expert Juan Diego Mayordomo, of Teneguía Consultores, together with a technical team. They report that the situation is not a simple one, and say that although they are aware that many people could be anxious about returning to work in the affected area, the safety of everyone has to come first. The mayor has personally visited affected shops and spoken first hand with workers affected by the current closures, explaining that whilst it is important that the commercial zone suffers the least possible financial damage, the council would not be pressured into making decisions. “We have to work prudently”, he said, “and take the right decisions in line with the advice given by the experts.”

Updated 5pm: The following video shows the moment of the floor’s collapse while Marta Monroe was on stage. I’m grateful to Shane Haigh-Sousa for the video, which I understand was filmed by Carlos Geovanny Quito Ortega. There is nothing gruesome in the video, but it is shocking at the end to see how suddenly the floor gave way.

Updated 2pm: In a press conference, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and Policía Local Commissioner Miguel Ángel Morales García have said that mercifully there was no-one in the local below the collapsed floor, something that clearly mitigated the potential for disaster. A judicial investigation has now been opened, and this will necessarily take its own course, and in the meantime, the council has closed the CC Playa Shop in its entirety, and is checking the state of the three adjacent commercial centres.

Updated 12 noon: The injury count has now risen to 40, including more than one British victim according to the Foreign Office, but none are said to be in critical condition. The “serious injury” count remains at two. Two neighbouring locals have now also been closed by the council. Arona police say that it is just a few years since another nightclub floor collapsed leading to the closure at the time of the Starco centre, while others are commenting that the poor state of the floor of some venues in the Salytien Centre has been known for some time, and that it is once again a shame that nothing is being done until a tragedy has occurred. Thankfully this “tragedy” has not resulted in anything worse than broken joints and limbs.

Original post 26 November: The collapse of a floor at a Playa de las Américas nightclub last night has left 22 people injured. Emergency services say that they were called out around 2.30am to the Butterfly disco in CC Salytien with reports of an incident in which several male and female tourists and residents of various nationalities suffered a range of injuries, mainly to legs and hips. No-one is in a life-threatening condition, and all have received medical treatment, some as in-patients in various hospitals in the south. Emergency services say that the incident was declared finished at 6am, allowing bomberos and council technicians to start underpinning the floor. Bomberos de Tenerife have released this video showing the aftermath inside the collapsed disco.


  1. I see that the central part of the centre where the collapse happened is still cordoned off 3 years later and looks derelict. Was the investigation concluded? What are the plans for that area? It’s sad to see a prime location like that in such a state.

    1. Author

      I haven’t heard any more about it.

  2. Author

    Absolutely, David, I was particularly thinking of that appalling collapse of a block of flats in Los Cristianos where several lost their lives.

  3. I don’t think Janet was dismissing it rather thinking what had happened before.

  4. Dear Janet, I can assure you that broken limbs can result in serious injuries that lead to ongoing disabilities for a long time and even for life, so not to be dismissed as ‘nothing worse’.
    Wishing all the best to those suffering injuries at this time.
    Must have been terrifying at the time.

    1. Author

      I was not “dismissing” them, but there could have been fatalities. I think that justifies the wording.

  5. It is a concern with a lot off these older buildings seem to be built without any steel reinforcement then you get concrete decaying and collapsing this one not the first and probably not the last but we hope not.

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