Foodbanks in Tenerife

I’ve been asked several times about food banks, so thought it worth posting about an official foodbank organisation in Tenerife, the Banco de Alimentos de Tenerife, familiarly known as Bancoteide. This organisation is a non-profit association founded in 2006, with the specific aim of receiving food from the Fondo Español de Garantía Agraria ( FEGA ), from private businesses like supermarkets, and from the public. Public donations usually result from the association running specific campaigns but can be made at any time. The food is stored and then distributed to the neediest residents of Tenerife via charitable institutions and official social assistance outlets which have the closest contact with those in need.

Products are collected in the Mercatenerife warehouse in the Polígono El Mayorazgo near Santa Cruz where they are weighed and put through a quality control procedure. They can, however, be donated in local supermarkets which collaborate in “Operaciones Kilo”, or through one of the affiliated associations, but the main website for Bancoteide is HERE. So, we can donate food direct to the warehouse, through participating supermarkets (just ask if they are part of “operaciones kilo”), or via any of the affiliated associations.

I hope this information helps us all to help those who are in need, and to be assured that our assistance is going to official organisations which will guarantee that it gets through to where it is most needed.


  1. Do you know someone related to this charity organisation in tenerife to contact with?

  2. Author

    The contact details are in Bancoteide’s website, and there’s a link to that in the post above.

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