Foreigner dies of heart attack after collapsing near El Médano camp site

A 63-year-old man said to be a foreigner has died of a heart attack he suffered on the TF643 near the camp site in El Médano at 8.30am this morning. Emergency services were called out after he was found collapsed, but paramedics who found him in cardiac arrest were unable to save his life despite repeated resuscitation attempts. Cecoes112


  1. Janet

    Thank you for your reply. Ray’s sister had already liased with the Consulate with no more luck. She will try e mailing the campsite.

    Thanks for your time
    Best Wishes
    Ann Middleton

  2. Author

    Ah, it’s a pity the Consulate weren’t able to be more helpful, and I do wish you success with the campsite. Once again, I’m dreadfully sorry for what you must be suffering.

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