Forest fire above Candelaria

photo: Canarias Emergencias

Update 2 July: The Tenerife Cabildo announced at 10am that at last the fire is under control, though still not extinguished. They say that it was a very difficult blaze to fight because it started in an extremely steep and inaccessible area, and that together with the Guardia Civil’s Seprona unit they are investigating whether arson was responsible, as is sadly all too often the case with these forest fires. Thanks to the remission of the heatwave, however, and the lack of strong wind for once in that part of Tenerife, the fire was able to be contained by mid afternoon yesterday, and did not spread northwards further into heavily forested areas, as was feared at one point in the morning. Now that it is under control, they will continue working today towards extinguishing it completely.

Update 3pm: The TF-523 has now also been reopened.

Update 2pm: The TF-24 has been reopened to traffic, but the TF-523 from Arafo to Teide remains closed betwee n km 0 and 18. The fire is now “perimetered” and “stabilized”, which means that barring unforeseen developments, firefighters hope to be able to get it under control over the next few hours.

Update 10.30am: The Tenerife Cabildo has closed the TF-523 Arafo to Teide road and the TF-24 to El Portillo.

Original post 1 July: It’s just three weeks since the Vilaflor forest fire (link), and firefighters are in action again this morning in a forest fire in the Orticosa area (Arafo) in the heights above Candelaria. At first light, three helicopters joined the ground teams which were called out around 5am.

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  1. As firefighter of 30 years experience in the UK, the Bomberos have my sympathy. Forest fires are very difficult to deal with, The main problem being containment and water supplies.

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