Forest fires 2016

Updated 22 July: An outbreak of fire last night in the pista Las Rosas area below Pino La Morra, La Victoria, is now under control, the Tenerife Cabildo says. Brifor air and ground teams continue working to extinguish it.

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento

Updated 20 July: Firefighters were in action against last night with an outbreak of fire in Las Arquillas, an area of the western hills near Aripe, above Guía de Isora. Emergency services were called around 10pm, and Brifor, together with Policía Local and Guardia Civil. They were unable to locate the reported fire, but after being called again at 11pm, returned to the area – on foot because of difficult access – and did indeed find and subsequently deal with the fire, which was extinguished shortly after 3am. Some 500m of low mountain was burnt, and an investigation into a supposed case of arson is already underway. The Ayuntamiento thanked the collaboration of locals and the work of the professionals involved.

forest fire el rosario
Photo: El Rosario Ayuntamiento

Updated 6pm: The La Esperanza road has now been reopened. Fires are under control, with efforts continuing to extinguish them.

Updated 5.15pm: Both fires have now been brought under control, the Cabildo has said, and firefighting efforts continue to extinguish them. The TF24 remains closed in the meantime.

Original post 16 July: Two forest fires have broken out this afternoon. The first, and at present the one that looks more serious, is in the La Esperanza area, and fire teams and helicopters are involved in fighting it, and the mayor of the municipality is also in the region. The TF24 La Esperanza road has been closed to facilitate easy access for firefighters, who say the fire is stabilized, though not yet under control. The other fire is in the Los Donajos forest track area of La Victoria. The authorities request the public to stay away from both areas.

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