Teide National Park fire now under control

Photo: Aemet Izaña.

Updated 17 May: It’s still not fully extinguished but the Cabildo has released this video of the fire in the Teide National Park … you can hear the wind. Apparently the calima wind, and above all the corresponding plunge in humidity (to something like 13%), was what has made it so difficult to deal with, along with the fact it was in an area difficult to get to (which is why it’s not used by walkers). They’re getting there and there’s no great risk any more, and weather conditions have certainly improved today, but as the Cabildo says, these images speak for themselves.


Updated 12.45pm: In the last five minutes the Cabildo says that the fire is now under control. The UME has been withdrawn while Brifor are damping down the area affected to extinguish it finally.

Updated 16 May: The fire was stabilized shortly half past two last night, having affected some 50 acres of scrubland. The Cabildo says that the Military Emergencies Unit bulldozer managed to create a firebreak and this, together with a cooling northerly breeze and a drop in windspeed assisted the night’s efforts. The two helicopters and a full team of 114 firefighters and forestry agents are currently working to extinguish the fire fully.

Updated 8.30: Within the last half hour the Military Emergencies Unit has been called in to assist firefighting efforts, as have the La Orotava authorities at the request of the Cabildo.

Original post 15 May: Brifor teams along with two helicopters are battling a fire in the National Park where an area of gorse and bushes is on fire. The photo above is taken from the observatory while the video below shows the conditions. The fire started around 4pm and is in the area between La Fortaleza in the Los Realejos heights and Montaña Blanca, an area much frequented by hikers, and near a forested area. Current indications are that it will quickly be brought under control unless weather conditions change drastically.

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